Jewish Holiday Recipes Ebook

Jewish Holiday Recipes Ebook

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Jewish holidays are meant to be enjoyed with delicious food and good company. Serving vegan dishes during the holidays doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on the traditional flavors and tastes you grew up eating. This collection of Jewish recipes is a tour through the Jewish holidays and what they meant to me growing up. Many of these dishes you will remember from your grandmother or mothers table and dishes that go back before any of our times. Recreating these dishes in a plant-based alternative allows for a cruelty-free option that will help shape a new holiday tradition.

How many times have you heard yourself say…

I can’t have dairy or animal products…

Does this have any animal products in it…

I wonder if they will have any options for me…

All of these statements are answered with this essential book, to help kickstart your jewish holiday festivities. The Jewish Holiday Recipes ebook will bring the variety and heritage of Jewish cooking to your table for all Jewish holidays.